Covid-19 challenges the economy and within also SBS Sondermaschinen GmbH:



As an expert in the field of customized and innovative engineering solutions, SBS sees itself in the duty to socially contribute its exceptional engineering know-how and innovative expertise.

The exponential spread of the Virus1 and the threatening lack of respiratory Ventilator hardware inspired SBS’s innovative engineering team to trespass into the health sector. The engineering team around Dipl.-Ing. J. Schaefertoens worked hard to assure the transformation from effective ideas into efficient machine functions with the main purpose: to create a fast and simple Ventilator solution.

In just one week’s record time they came up with a low-cost respiratory Ventilator, fulfilling technological and design specs as well as concept standards. An inspiring SBS teamwork resulting in a globally accessible and transportable ventilator solution made in Germany. Again, SBS Sondermaschinen GmbH  lives up to its vision of “simply doing” by designing a frugal and reliable engineering solution.

Helping to fight the global Covid-19 Pandemic and its hardware shortage of Ventilators!

1 Robert Koch Institut Status 26.3.2020 abgerufen am 01.04.2020

Ventilator in Motion