SBS is awarded the title of "Zukunftgeber"

The award “Zukunftgeber” stands for a future-providing regional employer. It is a title given to outstanding regional attractive employers after participating in a AGV certification process.

In 2023 SBS Sondermaschinen GmbH took up this challenge and can now officially call itself future-providing employer of the Braunschweig region. This is particularly pleasing on the occasion of SBS’s 30th anniversary of the company's founding!

The AGV award "Future-Providing Employer" certifies that the company is characterized not only by an innovative corporate attitude but also by value-added employee benefits. Supply chain transparency as well as corporate social responsibility (CSR) and resource sustainability are topics SBS Sondermaschinen GmbH is focusing its attention. Herewith SBS Sondermaschinen GmbH joins the ranks of regional future shapers as a regional solution finder.

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