Technical University Braunschweig receives test bench for the research of air-lubricated sleeve bearings

This special research test bench allows the investigation of the material behaviour of bearings while they are exerted a force horizontally and vertically. Therefor static loads and shock applications were herein realized along with a powerful electric motorization enabling to power the experimental environment with a speed of 30,000 rpm. Additionally force and laser sensors provide accuracy in the test’s measurement results. The log of ambient conditions, like temperature, humidity and air pressure, complete the sensoric set-up of this test rig.

With this test bench implementation @TU Braunschweig, SBS Sondermaschinen GmbH continues its supply-chain history as regional @ZIM open-source innovation partner for Research and Industry.

First and initial research results run by this test stand were published in the scientific paper "Experimental Investigation of Two Switching States of an Active Foil Bearing during Start-Up". Further information provide the special issue "Machines, Volume 10, no. 6: 447." with focus on "High Speed ​​Air Compressor for a Fuel Cell System for Use in a Vehicle".

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