The Company

The Company

The SBS Sondermaschinen GmbH from Braunschweig is your competent partner for the development, design and construction of special machines.

Our services in the overview

Who we are

The company building of the SBS Sondermaschinen GmbH

The SBS Sondermaschinen GmbH (Sondermaschinen = “Special Purpose Machinery”) is your competent partner for the development, design and construction of special machines – from our design office to our mechanical and electrical workshop and the servicing at your site.

Our experienced team realizes your ideas quickly, reliably and yet reasonably priced. The spectrum of our services doesn’t just include the production of mechanical parts but also the design and building of machinery such as tools for carbide chip removal, test benches and the development of new products. We also offer modernization of technical equipment and automation of production processes.

The common feature of these multiple challenges: Usually we build individual items. If you are looking for a standard solution or a cheap alternative to a mass-produced machine, we probably cannot provide you with such.

Our Team

Our team currently consists of approximately 20 full time employees - about half of them working in the workshop, a quarter in construction design and the rest in electrical engineering and administration. In addition, we employ 4 apprentices in the workshop. Our team is complemented by interns and students in design and manufacturing on a regular basis.

We are always looking for enhancement for our team.


Establishing SBS Sondermaschinen GmbH

In April 1993 the company SBS Sondermaschinen GmbH was founded. Expertise in mechanical and electrical engineering were planned to be built up in the long run.

Initially the focus was on plastics processing and on building automation and energy-saving technology. The aim was to step into the growing market with environmentally sound products using innovations.

The company initially consisted of 6 employees who were manufacturers, planners and shareholders in one. The high and broad skills of the founding team were supposed to ensure flexibility in times of crises.

Turning hobby into profession

Turning hobby into profession

From the beginning SBS pursued a course which should encourage each employee to act self-responsibly. Work should be fun and versatile – the idea was to turn hobbies into professions. The staff were project managers, buyers, vendors, designers, lathe and milling machine operators, service providers – basically everything.

Over time, SBS began with the specialization of some tasks, such as the establishment of a welding shop and a CNC department. The basic idea has, however, remained until today – avoiding unnecessary organizational interfaces, thereby reducing complexity and creating task identity.

One thing we have not managed

SBS was born from a simple idea. No machine should be larger than a desk and be delivered further than 50 km away. By now our machines are running on 5 continents. Our biggest machine was about 12 meters long and weighed more than 5 tons.